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Bush LIED and Thousands DIED. See the link below. Can he be trusted to be President?

I have collected many government documents, officials statements, on why it was not crucial to attack Iraq which has cost the lives of over 500 US Soldiers, and more each day, tens of thousands of Iraqis, and billions of dollars. To read the evidence that Bush lied to us all, please go here.

What Bush has done on: (I will be building on these topics)





Safety / Security

What the people of these United States must do is take more responsibility for the actions of our government. To do this the minimum necessary is to make Initiative and Referendum available in all States and Nationally. Please see "Doing Government".

Global Issues  World Outa Oil, WTO, NAFTA, Euro Union, GATS.  WARS

European Commission takes over the US Government and the States Government.

Federal US Issues  Constitution, Sovereignty, Police State, Out of OIL, Covert Actions, Sustainability ,,,,,,,


  War's of Terror     

  Eggy's Editorials Bush war Plus Response letters from Congress

    State of Wisconsin Issues Education, Taxes,

NEW    Shawano County Issues Factory Farms, Factions JAILS, JAILS AND MORE JAILS

   Township of Red Springs Issues zoning, roads,

   Direct Democracy, why it is needed Peoples direct input

  Liberty    Liberty defines the behavior expected of US  

To solve these problems of leadership run wild, with little input or consideration of the peoples needs or desires, a democratic system of government is needed. Democracy is the people developing their society, homeland, in the best interests of all the people. To do this, we need to construct a way whereby the people do indeed have the power to accomplish this. Metamorphose is a site which shows a way to do this. Hit the HOME button in the below table to go there.  New Page 1

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   "The blessings of a free government can only be maintained by a firm adherence to justice,   moderation, temperance, frugality and virtue, and by frequent recurrence to fundamental  principles."  Wisconsin Constitution, Article I, Section 22.

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