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For those who walked on from the Twin Towers tragedy, may you have a good journey. For the family and friends and all of us who morn, let us recognize the gift they gave us. Awareness

Have we become complacent? Do we take our Liberty for granted? Have we been aware of what our US Government has been doing? Perhaps we have been shocked and horrified by some of the information released from 20 years ago, secret until now. But, what is happening now? Why does our Government have to hire a top Advertising firm to "sell US the war? We have to pay for this? High priced propaganda it seems. The US Bombed the Afghanistan TV station which showed the real civilian deaths. Don't they count? Are we to pretend the US is not killing civilians?

Our founders declared a free press was the main protector from tyranny. Than why is our news media being told they must only report the good stuff? What is really happening? Congress authorized the President to declare "War on Terrorists"., But who are they? By what definition? Does this authorization provide for World War? Which country will he choose next? 

Is the WAR Constitutional? Is the President acting within his "Limited Powers"? Is Congress and the Supreme Court following their Constitutional Responsibilities to oversee the President's Administration and confront any action beyond the powers given?

UN-Constitutional War?

Just what is a Terrorist? Who is a Terrorist? Is the United States a Terrorist?

Definitions of Terrorism

Real News, you decide if what the US is doing is right. What will the consequences be? What has happened already to our Liberty? Was that necessary? Is the CIA really Intelligent?

Wartime Opportunists

Nazi US CIA connection, still going strong   Part 1                            Part 2          Fascism, Corporate-ism, Global-ism

Terrorize to Globalize?

Expanded War, planned all along?

Propaganda,,,,,,,,,Bush quote, ""We'll tell the American people the truth"


Saudi Arabia terrorism