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 Covert and Aggressive Actions, US Gov. CIA Terorism


Justice: This seems to be a forgotten word in our Judiciary System. Without a Just Court, how can we Control Congress Critters? The studies show that the goal of prosecution is to prosecute. However, the goal must be JUSTICE !  Plus:  US Executing Innocent people!


Federal Court confronts schools Kangaroo Court


Education Our Public Schools are so bad, legislatures are making money available so kids can go to "private schools". What insanity !!! Those same legislatures are responsible for administrating those  public schools!!! Zero Tolerance, Justice destroyed???? Asthma Epidemic, caused by STRESS!~

HOT! Issues about medicating KIDS!

NEW Asthma caused by schools?

Zero Tolerance for Zero Tolerance

US Supreme Court states due process in schools too!


Environment: We have some huge problems damaging our food supply and world. Please check out this area and join us in asking our Government to safe guard US and the World. Info on Monsanto Cover-up and dangerous food.


 Election Fraud  US Elections, marred in corruption, is the President elected or do the elite arrange this also?

Liberty    Liberty defines the behavior expected of US as citizens of this Nation. It limits our behavior, as well as others. We have no freedom as freedom would allow all forms of deviant behavior. We have Liberty and as citizens must follow the Constitutional requirements. Government is also to follow the Constitution! Here you may find some infringements on our Liberty.

Human Values and Morals. These truths from all time have been adopted in all cultures, religions, groups of people. These ways of human interaction with all else, have their own consequences. Whatever your ways, be they a religion, a group of people, your own beliefs, these truths are essential.

"The blessings of a free government can only be maintained by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality and virtue, and by frequent recurrence to fundamental principles."  Wisconsin Constitution, Article I, Section 22.


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