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1. Global hierarchy  World This is on the "Global" tendency now being pushed upon countries of this world. It will reduce all Liberty and Freedom, impoverish many, and provide a platform for a global dictator. Much information is here for you to consider if my remarks have merit.

2. (Discontinued for lack of room) Flash the world is out of oil. All oil will be used up in a few years. Prices are going up, industry shutting down. Now, “Rome” is warring for it. What happened to the idea of “trade”??? It is necessary for us individuals to prepare for the coming energy deprivation. Transportation and electricity will be non-existent as we know it.

3. Direct Democracy, (DD) Some call it Electronic Direct Democracy (EDD) It could provide a method whereby us, the people, have more information, more say in government. See how you can help. Unless the people of this world network together and begin to take responsibility for each others welfare, we will all become "slaves" or perish from the contamination of  nuclear warfare. (Depleted Uranium, used extensively by the US and NATO, contaminating soils in Iraq (from desert storm) and Yugoslavia for millions of years. Indeed, one concern of warring with Iraq is the fact that the battlefield is so polluted from radiation, that it is a danger to our troops.