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Global Hierarchy

The names keep changing, but the plot only thickens.



European Commission




“They” say each country has representatives to this project.

“They” do not tell you, that all input is “advisorary” !!! The CEO Corporate Government can and do as they please.


1974 Imperialism Plan


The European Commission

Did you hear of them? They are giveing directives to the United States, as well as all countries joining the GATS. They have the power to back it up because Countries entering GATS, like the United States, have signed the treaties giving EC  exclusive power.

If you do a search on Google, enter European Commission (EC) and your country. You will find that a EC Delagation is already assigned to your country. If you go here, you can see the directives for your particular country. Privatize your water etc.

Here you will find the EC Directives for the US .


This website will show you what the EC demands of your country.

 NOTE This site is no longer assessible! (why?)

 http:// attac.org/fra/orga/doc/ue4en.htm


WHAT IT COSTS if the US doesn’t follow their “rules”,,,,

$4.043 billion fine for starters,,,,,,,,,,,,





The “Unions” court system is Corpus Juris

Contrast to British and American  courts

  1. Our Common Law, as far back as 1215 with Magna Carta, states that a citizen can only be judged by his peers (Section 39). These rights protect the individual against arbitrary conviction and imprisonment. Our Common Law recognises several vital rights to the citizen:


The “European Union” made Corpus Juris it’s official Court System.

Go here to see how it will effect Europe.

Please note! The US has come under Martial Law, and the same “bill” was passed in Canada and European Countries.


In 1866, other legal experts also took issue with military tribunals. In Ex Parte Milligan, the Supreme Court ruled that "martial law, established on such a basis, destroys every guarantee of the Constitution and effectively renders the military independent of and superior to the civil powers...Civil liberty and this kind of martial law cannot endure together; one or the other must perish...Martial rule can never exist where the Courts are open..."


Democratic theory suggests that those affected by a decision have a say in that decision. At the very least, democracy requires informed consent. We have to decide-while we still can-whether we want to be a democracy. And remember: if we don't decide, others most certainly will.



World Trade Org.

Or called Global Union

This is the top of the heap, run by Michael Moore, ever vote for him? He runs the world at present

<No, not the Michael Moore from Michagen>


WTO  SANCTIONS under General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) costs US BILLIONS! and restricts our sovereignty. Resign from the GATS before it is to late!


WTO Tools: (All Money tools)

What “they” will do to your country.

The O.E.C.D.

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development


Multilateral Agreement on Investment


International Monitary Fund

The World Bank

The “Unions” jump throught the hoops to get money, and if they do wrong will be held accountable by WTO “court” system. Please read what “other” Unions do.


General Agreement on Trade in Services

This Treaty does it all! It destroys sovereignty of your country, hands over your court system to the GATS system useing the “union” you belong to, be it EU, NAFTA, FTTA, Asian Union, African Union, Arab Union or other.

European Union        American Union            Asian Union          Asia Union     Soviet Union

Arab Union

From this point on, no country has sovereignty, as the WTO and Unions have their own “courts” which give them absolute power over all countries. Of course it is part of “the plan”.


Below are countries listed in each “union”.






American Union 


Canada –

 United States –

Mexico -

 Central America -

 South America -

 Caribbean Islands

(Under Construction)














Arab Union








Asian Union


Japan –

China –


Hong Kong –


Singapore –

Vietnam -

(Under Construction)













Soviet Union

Under construction




Asia  Union APEC


Asia acific Economic Cooperation

which includes most Pacific Rim countries


(Under Construction)




























European Union

 Proposed: TransAtlantic Economic Partnership (TEP)

which links economies in the US and Europe

UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

(Under construction)




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