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Swiss lose 1/3 of their Civil Rights if they join the EU. UK also, lose their Rights which are defined by law.


The **** articles will no longer be valid as EU has adopted the Corpis Juris method of Court System.

Undoubtedly there are other law and rights which are invalidated by the EU.


Title 2 Basic, Civil, and Social Rights


Chapter 1 Basic Rights


Article 7 Human Dignity

Article 8 Equality

****Article 9 Protection Against Arbitrariness and Preservation of Good Faith

****Article 10 Right to Life and Personal Freedom

Article 11 Protection of Children and Adolescents

Article 12 Right to Aid in Distress

Article 13 Protection of Privacy

Article 14 Right to Marriage and Family

Article 15 Freedom of Religion and Conscience

Article 16 Freedom of Opinion and Information

Article 17 Freedom of the Media

Article 18 Freedom of Language

Article 19 Right to Primary Education

Article 20 Freedom of Science

Article 21 Freedom of Art

Article 22 Freedom of Assembly

Article 23 Freedom of Association

Article 24 Freedom of Domicile

****Article 25 Protection against expulsion, extradition, and removal by force

Article 26 Right to property

Article 27 Economic Freedom

Article 28 Freedom to Unionize

****Article 29 General Procedural Guarantees

****Article 29a Guarantee of Legal Proceedings

****Article 30 Judicial Proceedings

****Article 31 Habeas Corpus

****Article 32 Criminal procedure

Article 33 Right of Petition

Article 34 Political Rights

****Article 35 Realization of Fundamental Rights