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Monsanto Manipulating Media


Monsanto recently went on ABC stating: "Organic food is bad for you and bad for the environment." They really want you to believe that the chemicals, hormones, and genetically manipulated foods they are producing are good for you. The evidence is in. Serious and lethal harm can come from manufactured and genetically modified foods. However, many of the reports of this danger have been seized, and not published for consumer consideration.


Monsanto suppressed a story on the dangers of Bovine Growth Hormone. Fortunately, and very courageously, the reporters sued their employer, Fox Network, for scuttling their story.

The story is here:

Shred a whole magazine?
A 14,000 copy run of "The Ecologist", the UK's leading
environmental magazine was shredded because it discussed Monsanto
and genetic engineering in less than flattering terms. Yes, the printer gave in to Monsanto’s attorneys. Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman report this here:


Thanks for this Info from Brass Check:


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