Monsanto Cover-ups: They shredded a whole issue of  a magazine, blocked "news" which revealed evidence of dangerous food. Check it out!

Monsanto Corporation has provided some good things for this world. However, they have done so without adequate evaluation of their products. Presently, they have a plan to sterilize all seed, except that bought from Monsanto. This may well sterilize even "wild" plant life. The European Nations have outlawed it. Unfortunately, Monsanto is still trying to get their way. This is another of the huge dangers of "donations" to government officials. We are getting legislation bought by these big money corporations. Seed Genetics

A TOP QUALITY site with up to date Monsanto and other GM info is here: http://ngin.tripod.com/

More from Rachel on the dangers and possible complete destruction of the food chain.Plus you gotta eat it toooo.... Rach Seeds

Do you enjoy The Monarch Butterfly? They are truly beautiful. Monsanto, which has developed a genetically engineered seed to kill corn borer, failed to find out what else they are killing. Well, they are killing the Monarch Butterfly, and it is likely to be extinct in a few years. I wonder who else will be extinct????? Monarch's Molested

Poison Gas Leaking in the United States. Yup, we got ton's of it. Illegal, immoral, chemical weapons,




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