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 Ever been Bush whacked? Unions and laborers watch out! The prophecy of our history is coming to a head. The Elite are set to rule.


 Illuminiti and CFR “Elite” intending on ruling the world.


 Than consider contacting your legislatures to indorse this bill:

House Members Urge US to Quit WTO


"William Stamps Farish was a co-founder of the Humble Oil and Refining Company and Chairman of the Board and President of the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey."
--- In,


dogged research has turned up "Millie, 12, former "first dog" of the U.S. as  companion to George and Barbara Bush, 1989-1993, died May 19 in Kennebunkport,  Maine. Given to the Bush family by Will and  Sarah Farish, of Houston, at age 1, Millie  became famous after birthing four puppies in the White House in March 1989."
 Hmmm, we know who George & Barbara Bush are, we know who Millie was,
 What about the family Farish?
 K-EYE TV 42 - Bush Contributors 1
 ...Interactive Marketplace Austin Career Center Bush Campaign Contributors - ...11/3/98 1000 Mr. and Mrs. William S. Farish— Versailles KY 40383-0626...

"William S. Farish,.Friend of former President George Bush ...
 Other business interests include oil exploration, real estate, and ranching ..."

"Bush  and  Farish

 When George Bush was elected vice president in 1980, Texas mystery man William Stamps Farish III took over management of all of George Bush's personal wealth in a "blind trust." Known as one of the richest men in Texas, Will Farish keeps his business affairs under the most intense secrecy.

Only the source of his immense wealth is known, not its employment.


Note #3
 Will Farish has long been Bush's closest friend and confidante..
 President Bush can count on Farish not to betray the violent secrets surrounding the Bush family money. For Farish's own family fortune was made in the same Hitler project, in a nightmarish partnership with George Bush's father.

 On March 25, 1942, U.S. Assistant Attorney General Thurman Arnold
 announced that William Stamps Farish (grandfather of the President's money manager) had pleaded "no contest" to charges of criminal conspiracy with the Nazis. 


 Farish was the principal manager of a worldwide cartel between Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey and the I.G. Farben concern. The merged enterprise had opened the Auschwitz slave labor camp on June 14, 1940, to produce artificial rubber and gasoline from coal. The Hitler government supplied political opponents and Jews as the slaves, who were worked to near death and then murdered.

 Arnold disclosed that Standard Oil of New Jersey (later known as
 Exxon), of which Farish was president and chief executive, had agreed to stop hiding from the United States patents for artificial rubber which the company had provided to the Nazis.


Note #4
 A Senate investigating committee under Senator (later U.S. President)
 Harry Truman of Missouri had called Arnold to testify at hearings on corporations' collaboration with the Nazis. The Senators expressed outrage at the cynical way Farish was continuing an alliance with the Hitler regime that had begun back in 1933, when Farish became chief of Jersey Standard.  Didn't he know there was a war on?

 The Justice Department laid before the committee a letter, written to Standard president Farish by his vice president, shortly after the beginning of World War II (September 1, 1939) in Europe.


The letter concerned a renewal of their earlier agreements with the Nazis:

 The Bush-Farish axis had begun back in 1929. In that year, the Harriman bank bought Dresser Industries, supplier of oil-pipeline couplers to Standard and other companies. Prescott Bush became a director and financial czar of Dresser, installing his Yale classmate Neil Mallon as chairman. 

Note #7

George Bush would later name one of his sons after the Dresser executive.

 William S. Farish was the main organizer of the Humble Oil Co. of Texas, which Farish merged into the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey. Farish built up the Humble-Standard empire of pipelines and refineries in Texas.

Note #8
 In 1933, as what Hitler called his "New Order" appeared, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. appointed William S. Farish the chairman of Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey (in 1937 he was made president and chief executive).  Farish moved his offices to Rockefeller Center, New York, where he spent a good deal of time with Hermann Schmitz, chairman of I.G. Farben; his company paid a publicity man, Ivy Lee, to write
 pro-I.G. Farben and pro-Nazi propaganda and get it into the U.S. press.

 Now that he was outside of Texas, Farish found himself in the shipping business—like the Bush family. He hired Nazi German crews for Standard Oil tankers.


And he hired "Emil Helfferich," chairman of the Walker/Bush/Harriman Hamburg-Amerika Line, as chairman also of the Standard Oil Company subsidiary in Germany. Karl Lindemann, board member of Hamburg-Amerika, also became a top Farish-Standard executive in Germany.

Note #1 Note #4
 This interlock between their Nazi German operations put Farish together with Prescott Bush in a small, select group of men operating from abroad through Hitler's "revolution," and calculating that they would never be punished.

 In 1939, Farish's daughter Martha married Averell Harriman's nephew,
 Edward Harriman Gerry, and Farish in-laws became Prescott Bush's partners at 59Broadway.


Note #1 Note #5
 Both Emil Helfferich and Karl Lindemann were authorized to write checks to Heinrich Himmler, chief of the Nazi SS, on a special Standard Oil account.
 This account was managed by the German-British-American banker, Kurt von Schroeder. According to U.S. intelligence documents reviewed by author Anthony Sutton, Helfferich continued his payments to the SS into 1944, when the SS was supervising the mass murder at the Standard-I.G. Farben Auschwitz and other death camps.


 Helfferich told Allied interrogators after the war that these were not his personal contributions-they were corporate Standard Oil funds.


Note #1 Note #6
 After pleading "no contest" to charges of criminal conspiracy with the Nazis, William Stamps Farish was fined $5,000. (Similar fines were levied against Standard Oil -- $5,000 each for the parent company and for several subsidiaries.)


This of course did not interfere with the millions of dollars that Farish had acquired in conjunction with Hitler's New Order, as a large stockholder, chairman, and president of Standard Oil. All the government sought was the use of patents which his company had given to the Nazis-the Auschwitz patents-but had withheld from the U.S. military and industry.

 But a war was on, and if young men were to be asked to die fighting Hitler .. something more was needed. Farish was hauled before the Senate committee investigating the national defense program. The committee chairman, Senator Harry Truman, told newsmen before Farish testified: "I think this approaches treason."


Note #1 Note #7
 Farish began breaking apart at these hearings. He shouted his "indignation" at the senators, and claimed he was not "disloyal."

 After the March-April hearings ended, more dirt came gushing out of the Justice Department and the Congress on Farish and Standard Oil.

 Farish had deceived the U.S. Navy to prevent the Navy from acquiring certain patents, while supplying them to the Nazi war machine;
 meanwhile, he was supplying gasoline and tetraethyl lead to Germany's
 submarines and air force.

 Communications between Standard and I.G. Farben from the outbreak of World War II were released to the Senate, showing that Farish's organization had arranged to deceive the U.S. government into passing over Nazi-owned assets: They would nominally buy I.G.'s share in certain patents because "in the event of war between ourselves and Germany ... it would certainly be very undesirable to have this 20 percent Standard-I.G. pass to an alien property custodian of the U.S. who might sell it to an unfriendlyinterest."


Note #1 Note #8
 John D. Rockefeller, Jr. (father of David, Nelson, and John D. Rockefeller III), the controlling owner of Standard Oil, told the Roosevelt administration that he knew nothing of the day-to-day affairs of his company, that all these matters were handled by Farish and other executives.


Note #1 Note #9
 In August, Farish was brought back for more testimony. He was now frequently accused of lying. Farish was crushed under the intense, public grilling; he became morose, ashen. While Prescott Bush escaped publicity when the government seized his Nazi banking organization in October, Farish had been nailed. He collapsed and died of a heart attack on November 29, 1942.

 The Farish family was devastated by the exposure. Son William Stamps Farish, Jr., a lieutenant in the Army Air Force, was humiliated by the public knowledge that his father was fueling the enemy's aircraft;
he died in a training accident in Texas six months later.


Note #2 Note #0
 With this double death, the fortune comprising much of Standard Oil's profits from Texas and Nazi Germany was now to be settled upon the little four-year-old grandson, William ("Will") Stamps Farish III. Will Farish grew up a recluse, the most secretive multimillionaire in Texas, with investments of "that money" in a multitude of foreign countries, and a host of exotic contacts overlapping the intelligence and financial worlds-The Bush-Farish axis started George Bush's career.


After his 1948 graduation from Yale (and the Skull and Bones secret society), George Bush flew down to Texas on a corporate jet and was employed by his father's Dresser Industries. In a couple of years he got help from his uncle, George Walker, Jr., and Farish's  banker friends, to set him up in the oil property speculation business.

Soon thereafter, George Bush founded the Zapata Oil Company, which put oil drilling rigs into certain locations of great strategic interest..


Twenty-five-year-old Will Farish was personal aide to Zapata chairman George Bush in Bush's unsuccessful 1964 campaign for Senate. Farish used "that Auschwitz money" to back George Bush financially, investing in Zapata.


When Bush was elected to Congress in 1966, Farish joined the Zapata board.


Note #2 Note #1
 When George Bush became U.S. vice president in 1980, the Farish and Bush family fortunes were again completely, secretly commingled. As we shall see, the old projects were now being revived on a breathtaking scale."


 See also:

Saturday January 29 11:02 AM ET

Countries Reach Landmark GMO Food Agreement

By Doug Palmer

MONTREAL (Reuters) - More than 130 countries reached a landmark agreement early on Saturday to regulate trade in genetically modified organisms, a major part of the world's food supply that has raised environmental and health concerns and strained international trade relations.

The U.N.-sponsored agreement strikes a delicate balance between the interests of major exporters of genetically modified crops, such as the United States and Canada, and importers in the European Union and developing countries, which have expressed concerns about the health and environmental impact of the new food varieties.

The agreement, which still must be ratified by 50 countries before it goes into effect, establishes an international framework for countries to use when making decisions about genetically modified crops.

It also requires, for the first time under an international agreement, labeling of commodity shipments that ``may contain'' genetically modified foods. But there is no specific requirement that farmers or the grain industry segregate conventional and modified crops, which the U.S. government said could cost billions of dollars.

``On balance, we think this is an agreement that protects the environment without disrupting world food trade,'' David Sandalow, assistant U.S. secretary of state for oceans, environment and science, told reporters.

European Commission Environmental Minister Margot Wallstrom said the protocol, signed by more than 130 countries, was a victory for consumers and importers and an agreement of which all countries could be proud.

The pact also won praise from both industry groups and environmentalists, who each feared the other would have more influence over the final outcome of a pact on genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.


The term ``genetically modified organisms'' refers to plants and animals containing genes transferred from other species to produce certain characteristics, such as resistance to certain pests and herbicides.

Although any genetically modified organism planted in the United States is subjected to U.S. government testing and approval, some groups feared the new varieties could have adverse environmental and health effects. Many EU consumers, suspicious of genetically engineered crops, favored blocking their importation.

To reach an agreement, the United States and Canada had to accept stronger language than they wanted recognizing the right of countries to use precautions in making import decisions.

With its language on the ``precautionary principle,'' the proposed Biosafety Protocol agreement could set the stage for countries to close their markets to genetically modified crops without conclusive scientific evidence of harm.

At the same time, the agreement also contains a ``savings clause,'' which emphasizes the new pact does not override rights and obligations under other international agreements, including the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The United States, which negotiated along with Canada as part of the Miami Group bloc and therefore does not need congressional approval of the pact, insisted on that language to ensure science-based WTO rules would still apply to import decisions.

If a dispute arises over a country's decision to close its market to a food product, the WTO will review the protocol before making a ruling, Wallstrom said.

U.S. Undersecretary of State for Global Affairs Frank Loy acknowledged the pact had some shortcomings from the U.S. point of view. ``Make no mistake. The agreement is not perfect,'' Loy said.

Labeling Would Be Negotiated

Once the protocol goes into effect, which could take two or three years, commodity shipments that may contain GMOs will have to be labeled ``may contain'' genetically modified organisms.

At that point, a new round of negotiations on more specific labeling requirements will also have to begin, with the requirement of finishing in two years.

Willy De Greef, director of regulatory and government affairs for Novartis, a Swiss-based company that produces genetically modified corn varieties, said the grain industry is already moving toward segregation.

``What we needed was a framework'' and the protocol provides that, De Greef said.

Steven Daugherty, director of government and industry relations for Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc., a U.S. producer of genetically modified seed, also said the protocol's commodity provisions appeared to be workable.

Greenpeace, which had staged protests against genetically modified crops throughout the week of negotiations, also gave its blessings to the pact. ``This is a historic step toward protecting the environment and consumers from the dangers of genetic engineering,'' the group said.

A previous attempt to craft the Biosafety Protocol failed last year in Cartagena, Colombia, mainly because the Miami Group feared it would block trade.

In contrast to the bitterness that pervaded that effort, participants praised the positive atmosphere of this week's negotiations in Montreal.

They also credited Colombian Environmental Minister Juan Myar, who chaired the talks, for forcing negotiators to resolve their many issues to reach an agreement.








Illuminati and CFR


Welcome to our world,,,,, today I bring you news of “our” pending 3rd world war. It has been planned, by the ILLUMINATI so it is only a matter of “when” they begin it. Perhaps, if we wake up, and the world joins together on this Internet, we can stop it. eggy

Jiang, Yeltsin to battle 'US domination'

Presidents Yeltsin and Jiang "discussed further practical steps in the development of a strategic partnership between Russia and China in the international arena", Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said.


Once again US have infuriated the world. Not happy with peace, the US has created enemies. It seems this was done deliberately. The US defied Russia in it’s bombing of Yugoslavia. Of course bombinf the China with three smart bombs was not to “smart”. Do the powers want US to “need” a huge military? Remember, there are those in “power” that have a bundle invested in corporations which build our “defense”. There is also the mention of “World domination” by US. This “one world government” idea is not new.  (George Bush pushed it big, now george jr. wants to do it too ??????)


Another source states:

Wang Jianxian, a leader of the pro-reunification New Party in Taiwan, says the island's moves toward nationhood could spark a second cross-China war, and devastate Taiwan in the process.

"If Taiwan declares independence, mainland China does not need to invade Taiwan to destroy it," he says. "China could target its missiles at Taiwan's petroleum centers, its industrial centers, and other strategic sectors."

"The Chinese Army could bomb Taiwan back into a primitive economy without ever stepping foot on the island," he says.


The US, which backs up Taiwan, would almost certainly enter the fracas. With Russia and China, now “together” I can only rely on my Norwegian term, Uff Da !



Tri Lateral Commission


The European Community, North America (U.S. and Canada), and Japan - the three main democratic industrialized areas of the world - are the three sides of the Trilateral Commission. The Commission’s members are about 325 distinguished citizens, with a variety of leadership responsibilities, from these three regions.

This group, is obviously joined to continue the “one world government” plan which creates a world governed by those few who control the money. This group stems from the Illuminati, which includes a select group of individuals hungry for power to dominate the Globe.



(By Myron Fagon)

You have to scroll down a bit, but this is an accurate description.

You can also search  about Illuminati, the reality is scare-y. There is even a game about this world domination plot.


After reading the above, the “wars” and covert operations of the United States will make sense, although it is the sense of the unscrupulous and deviant.


COVER-UP Radiation

THE Government has been accused of a cover-up after new evidence emerged proving that British soldiers suffered massive radiation poisoning during the Gulf War.

Tests 500,000-times more accurate than any previously conducted have shown beyond doubt that servicemen and women were exposed to terrifying levels of depleted uranium after it was used by the Allies to crush Saddam Hussein's army.


The US, stating humanatarium goals, is committing the most extensive genocide imaginable.


Toxins from NATO Bombs Endangering Six Countries Besides Serbia; Use of Depleted Uranium Shells Condemned by Experts

ATHENS, Apr. 10 - Greek experts registered an increase in levels of toxic substances in the atmosphere of Greece, and said that Albania, Macedonia, Italy, Austria and Hungary all face a potential threat to human health as a result of NATO's bombing of Serbia, which includes the use of radioactive depleted uranium shells.



Radiation expert Rosalie Bertell said depleted uranium is highly toxic to humans. Bertell, president of the International Institute of Concern for Public Health, called its use in Yugoslavia radiation and toxic chemical warfare that must be denounced.

Some experts also warned of the environmental hazards posed by depleted uranium, which has a half-life of 4.5 billion years. "In Yugoslavia, it's expected that depleted uranium will be fired in agricultural areas, places where livestock graze and where crops are grown, thereby introducing the specter of possible contamination of the food chain," said Paul Sullivan, executive director of the National Gulf War Resource Center.

Last year, Iraqi doctors said they feared a disturbing rise in leukemia and stomach cancer among civilians who live near the war zone may be linked to depleted uranium contamination of Iraqi farmland.



An International Appeal to
Ban the Use of Depleted Uranium Weapons

Drafted by Ramsey Clark

Depleted-uranium weapons are an unacceptable threat to life, a violation of international law and an assault on human dignity. To safeguard the future of humanity, we call for an unconditional international ban forbidding research, manufacture, testing, transportation, possession and use of DU for military purposes. In addition, we call for the immediate isolation and containment of all DU weapons and waste, the reclassification of DU as a radioactive and hazardous substance, the cleanup of existing DU-contaminated areas, comprehensive efforts to prevent human exposure and medical care for those who have been exposed.





"The blessings of a free government can only be maintained by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality and virtue, and by frequent recurrence to fundamental principles." Wisconsin Constitution, Article I, Section 22.



Friday March 3 6:12 PM ET

House Members Urge US to Quit WTO


Although this is “old” it reveals some who would like to getr out of WTO. Perhaps this can be re-kindled,,,, eggy


WASHINGTON (AP) - A group of conservative House members promised Friday to introduce legislation demanding that the United States quit the World Trade Organization. The move will force the full House to take up a second contentious trade issue this year.

The effort, being led by Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, guarantees a vote within 90 days on withdrawing from the WTO, the Geneva-based organization that has become a lightning rod for opponents of globalization.

Under the 1994 legislation that authorized U.S. membership in the newly created WTO, Congress required the administration to submit a progress report after five years of WTO membership about the costs and benefits to the U.S. economy.

Upon receipt of that report, which the administration submitted Thursday, any member of Congress can file a joint resolution demanding that the United States withdraw its membership.

To ensure that the issue cannot be bottled up in committee, the 1994 law required a vote within 90 days by the full House or Senate, depending on where the withdrawal measure was introduced.

That means the Clinton administration will be forced to defend U.S. membership in the WTO at the same time it is seeking votes to grant China permanent normal trade relations with the United States as part of China's WTO membership bid.

Republican leaders, who expected WTO opponents in the House to file a withdrawal resolution, have indicated a vote on the issue will occur before the House takes up the administration's China request.

In a statement, Paul, a longtime foe of the WTO, said he submitted the resolution because the WTO ``is an egregious attack upon our national sovereignty, and this is the reason why we must vigorously oppose it.''

Other opponents of the WTO make similar claims. Organized labor, environmental organizations and consumer groups brought thousands of demonstrators to the streets of Seattle last December for protests against what the groups see as the WTO's unbalanced emphasis on breaking down trade barriers no matter what the cost to workers' rights and environmental protections.

These groups have not indicated they will be backing the Paul effort, however, because of worries that it would detract from what they view as the real trade fight in Congress this year, the administration's request to end the annual reviews of China's trade status with the United States.

Scheduling this vote before the China vote will be an effort to demonstrate some sort of support for free trade. But obviously, the big fight this year is going to be on China and not pulling out of the WTO,'' said Patrick Woodall, a spokesman for Public Citizen Global Trade Watch, a leading opponent of the WTO.

The administration concluded in its report to Congress, released Friday in its full printed version, that WTO membership has been overwhelmingly beneficial to the United States. Benefits came, it said, both through tariff reductions being implemented as part of the last round of global trade talks and through the WTO's binding dispute-resolution procedures.

While the United States has won a number of cases before the WTO, it lost its biggest case so far just last week when the WTO ruled that a $4 billion annual tax break for American exporters violates global trade rules.

Paul said the loss of the tax case underscored the arguments he and other opponents are making that the United States has handed over to an international tribunal its ability to make tax law.

The administration's review of the impact of WTO membership on the U.S. economy was only part of a 310-page report the administration issues every year assessing recent trade developments and laying out its trade agenda for the coming year.

WTO critics called the administration's assessment a whitewash that glossed over the 135-nation organization's major flaws.

In addition to Paul, other House members who have signed on as sponsors of the withdrawal resolution are Reps. John Duncan Jr., R-Tenn.; Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif.; Duncan Hunter, R-Calif.; Jack Metcalf, R-Wash.; and Gene Taylor, D-Miss.

Rep Block WTO by legislation


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