War or NO War


Powell smoke and mirrors. Deception is obvious. How do you feel, being aware that your government is deceiving you???


Capitol Causes and Oil The world will soon be very short of oil, 2011 17 and it will effect our lives totally.


Feingold on War, asks the Senate must make any decision to war!




Depleated Uranium bombs,,, ILLEGAL !!!   http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/pandora/low_war.html



There are many sites evaluating this charge into war. I am dead set against it. I invite you to read some of the papers on this and make your own decision. I do ask you to consider, that people the world over are much alike, we eat, drink water, need shelter, have compasion, family, there is no good reason we can't find a bit of happiness in our lives and not war.