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9-11 Update Since "Guilty For 9-11: Bush, Rumsfeld, Myers"
[Posted 18 November 2001]

Part 2 of "GUILTY FOR 9-11: BUSH, RUMSFELD, MYERS" will be posted shortly.

Meanwhile, a bit of news: the Andrews Air Force Base Website has gone back online.

A note appearing on the Website says it was last modified September 12th. However it was inaccessible from mid-September until it went back on line one or two days ago.

The website is important because, as we noted in "GUILTY FOR 9-11," it used to link to official US Air Force pages devoted to the 113th Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard. Those pages contradicted media and official claims that there were no combat ready fighter jets at Andrews. One page stated:

"Training for air combat and operational airlift for national defense is the 113 this primary mission. However, as part of its dual mission, the 113th provides capable and ready response forces for the District of Columbia in the event of natural disaster or civil emergency. Members also assist local and federal law enforcement agencies in combating drug trafficking in the District of Columbia."

The link to this page is broken, and we could not find anything like it on the modified Website. However, you can still access it at Just go to: and scroll down a bit.

A related page, devoted to the 113th Fighter Wing's parent, the DC Air National Guard (DCANG), also seems to have been modified. We could no longer find the following pre-9-11 mission statement, which also indicates that Andrews had combat-ready airplanes:


To provide combat units in the highest

possible state of readiness."

This page is still accessible in archive form at:

We also have backup copies of these pages at:

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