Corporate Control of US


Corporate Rule of US


1. Who's responsibility is it to monitor and police Corporations? Of course, it is us, our government. They "police" “us” according to the law, and we pay dearly if we make a mistake. We are required to keep adequate records for the IRS, and following acceptable accounting practices or the IRS voids our records, and uses their own. WE than PAY the figure THEY believe is correct.

The Corporations are supposed to be "policed" the same, and they WERE! If you recently lost much of  your retirement fund in the collapse of the stockmarket, please be informed that the only reason it happened is that Corporations had decided to keep their own books, the way they wanted to. If they had been required to follow the past acceptable accounting procedures, they would not have been able to inflate and secure the company funds for themselves.

Here is a history of how the Corporations got this control: Corporate Rule of US


2. Haveing gotten “Control” of the US Congress, Corporations now are attempting to “control” the world. Did you know that “Congress” has turned the “Sovereignty” of our courts over to NAFTA, through the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) (See has GATS got it’s tongue) These decisions by NAFTA are un-appealable and not allowed in US Courts.


3. Ever hear of Michael Moore? No, not the commedian/activist. This Moore is the CEO of planet earth. He is the head of the infamous World Trade Organization. He and his corporate committee “supervise” the many “Trade Unions” which are being created. NAFTA, European Union (EU), Asian Union (As U), African Union (Af U), Arab Union (Ar U) Russian Union (RU) etc. (See Global Hierarchy, Unions) Moore’s dictates tell the President of the US, and the US Congress what to do. (See Global Poverty)


4. FAST TRACK is the empowerment of the President to make all negotions for Trade, Treaties, and involvement with these WTO agencies. What is the hurry? Constitutionally the Congress is required to make Treaties etc. Again the Congress is passing the buck. Of course, your Congress Critter will tell you they have the final agreement. However, not being part of the negotiations they become nothing more than a rubber stamp! Than, when it all falls apart, and the President has been “pardoned and pensioned”, they will claim “it is not our fault”, he said”. Ya right, like my grandkids who haven’t yet learned not to blame others for what was their responsibility in the first place. (See Eggy’s Editorials, Fast Track sent to Congress)





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