Virtue, Principles, Morals, Values,,,,,,,,,,,


I strongly believe we all have values. Their essence is not important, however the value and the practice of them is. Law and Justice are derived also from virtue, as to defy these principles desecrates the earth and humankind.


These principles began with the beginning of humans. Could a family exist without compassion, respect, order, responsibility?


I also believe these shared values provide us the common bond to build unity and solidarity. Virtue is not, nor can it be “owned” by a religion or a people.


This is a good starting place:


The * Six Shared Values * proposed by Kofi Annan [Secretary General of the
United Nations] during the Millennium Summit [of the United Nations
<>  provide a good
starting point toward a more imaginative, more creative, more compassionate
era. A new era, governed by human values such as: * Freedom; Equality,
Solidarity; Tolerance; Respect for Nature; and Responsibility *.


Virtue’s, from many cultures, beliefs, religions, practices:


Ability, action, bravery, beauty, compromise, courage, discipline, devotion, equality, equity, faith, forgiving, freedom, generous, knowledge, happiness health, helpful, honest, hope, humble, humor, integrity, justice, kind, knowledge, life, liberty, love, order, patience, persevere, power, protects, quiet, respect , respect for nature, responsible, solidarity, temperance, tolerance, trust, understanding, vision, wisdom, willingness, generations, kind, joyful.


What ever word you use, these words describe actions. These words are meaningless without the action. There are consequences to these actions as well as consequences to inaction. Please email your words with their meanings to add to the list. I believe each person, family uses these actions. These are the similarities we have with each other and perhaps we can find justice and peace as we implement them in our global solidarity. Socrates said that people and governments find happiness to the extent they practice these virtue.


This is an unending list. To add to it, send an email with word and meaning to I also have a few things at my website under “Constitutions”.

Toward Solidarity, Bruce