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Campaign Finance Reform

 1.    Certainly, the present legislatures, voting according to the donations to their campaign slush funds is bribery at the lowest. Unless the campaign finance reform is passed, we may as well quit voting and start raising funds to bribe our legislatures too. We pay their salaries, but they vote according to the $$$$$ from special interests.                                                                                    

 Republicans for the most part want to continue this bribery, thinking only of their own pocketbooks instead of what is good for the country. They also like the nice perks like free vacations on tropical islands all paid for by their special interest buddies. Unless this is stopped soon, this country will be run by a handful of people who could turn us all into slaves and imprisoned people. Justice would be a forgotten virtue, as well as equality, Liberty and our Bill of Rights.                  

2.  Tommy Fraud ------ lies are fraud, 12 years ago, a man from Elroy won the Govnorship of Wisconsin stating  "he would end property tax as we know it." Well, he ended Wisconsin as we knew it ! AND WE WANT IT BACK AS WE KNEW IT !  Tommy has raised our taxes until we are the 2nd HIGHEST TAXED STATE IN THE NATION ! Soon to be #1.

Tax Foundation Chart

        The bills from prison construction, and administration of these prisons will mostly hit us in the ear 2,000. Than we will have higher taxes, which we are committed to by Tommy. Eight years ago, he said he would reduce taxes, Four years ago he said he would reduce taxes. Those statements were out right lies to the voter. (Fraud) Why are we voting him in?                                     Tommy's action on campaign finance reform was to INCREASE the amounts he would be given. This is a man that has voted primarily for the special interest that pays his fund CASH. The Stadium, the Wolf River/ Crandon Mine, Realtors exempt from liability if they defraud owners/sellers.        

   Investigation into $$$ for votes

&         More $$$ for Tommy

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   Tommy has changed things in administration, and he now controls much more than the constitution ever meant him to control. If there ever was an example of the need for term limits, Tommy is the example.


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