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From: <>

Subject: Corrupt Prosecutor

Date: Sunday, September 12, 1999 9:35 PM

PCADC ,  PO BOX 951,   TUCSON, AZ 85702 July 9, 1999

RE: Bill Dickerson  State Bar of Arizona 1111 N. Monroe Phoenix, AZ 85003

Attention: Sharon

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Richard Dale McClure. I am a defendant in a Pima County criminal case, CR-63715. I am writing to file a complaint against the prosecutor assigned to this matter, Bill Dickerson. This case has already been through its first trial. It began on June 1, 1999 and ended in a mistrial on June 7, 1999. The case was presided over by the Honorable Judge Michael Alfred, Division 15, Pima County Superior Court.

There were several legal and ethical judgements made by the state that were poor at best. Prior to the trial, there were two motions filed by my attorney, Laura Udall. One was a motion to suppress evidence seized pursuant to unlawful search warrants. The other was to suppress a very tainted identification. Both of these motions were denied, despite the fact that the laws supporting them were clearly violated. In this trial, bill Dickerson knowingly used perjured testimony by a guilty co-defendant, Michael Ramirez. He offered this man, who the victims stated was guilty of attempting to murder them, a plea bargain reducing his sentence from sixty-three years to seven. This co-defendant claimed for over seven months that he committed this crime with two accomplices. Mr. Ramirez never brought up my name. However, four days before my trial was to begin, Bill Dickerson offered him a plea to change his story. Now, he says that I am the only one who accompanied him in this crime. In fact, he says now that I am the one who planned it and forced him to participate. Again, the victims stated that the co-defendant was the orchestrator and violent party in this crime.

Mr. Dickerson also attempted to use a statement that he knew was untrue given by the co-defendant's sister, Ms. Christina Ramirez. She admits that her brother, Michael, committed the crime, but the statements that she made implicating me were false, brought on by intimidation and threats made by the police. The police later acknowledged making these threats in order to elicit this statement from Ms. Ramirez. The prosecution has no other evidence linking me to this crime. However, Bill Dickerson continues to pursue me as the sole perpetrator and is seeking the maximum sentence. Mr. Dickerson's practices are illegal, as well as unethical.

I would ask that you accept this letter as a formal complaint. If you require additional forms to be filed, I ask that you supply them to me since I am still incarcerated as of this writing.


Richard McClure


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