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A word of caution if you are a citizen of these countries. The “union” seeks to destroy your countries sovereignty. I suggest you read what is happening to countries in the other unions. Bruce

Arabs trade unity


Four Arab countries - Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco - have signed a declaration pledging themselves to establish an Arab free trade zone.
The Moroccan hosts of the meeting said that it is hoped the four countries will have set up the zone by the end of this year and that other Arab countries will also join during the next decade.
The Moroccan Foreign Minister, Mohammed Benaissa, likened the agreement reached by the four Arab states to the European coal and steel convention of 1958 that was to evolve into the European Economic Community and later the EU.
Foreign ministers from a number of non-participating Arab countries were also present to witness the signing of the declaration in the southern Moroccan resort of Agadir.


But financial experts are sceptical that the Arab states might be in a position to form an EU or Nafta-style bloc.
Not only does the region incorporate a wide range of political views and economic systems, but the Arab countries have little to trade between themselves other than energy and agricultural goods.
The exchange of goods with Europe is much more substantial.
The Arab Free Trade Agreement needs to be seen in the wider context of the Euro-Mediterranean process taking place in which the EU and Arab countries hope to create a free trade zone by the year 2010 that incorporates all 27 countries.
That process reaches its next milestone on Thursday when the Arab foreign ministers in Morocco will be joined by five of their EU counterparts, as well as from Turkey and Malta, to discuss the way forward


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