US Companies World Leaders in Manufacture of Torture Devices

In its March 1997 report entitled "Recent Cases of the Use of Electroshock Weapons for Torture or Ill-Treatment," Amnesty International lists 100 companies worldwide that produce and sell instruments of torture. Forty-two of these firms are in the United States. This places the U.S. as the leader in the manufacture of stun guns, stun belts, cattle probe-like devices, and other equipment which can cause devastating pain in the hands of torturers.

This is how our compasionate, Constitution abiding , United States nation uses these torture devices. ON HUMANS!

02:28 PM ET 08/26/98

California judge investigated for zapping prisoner

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A California judge who ordered a

prisoner zapped with 50,000 volts of electricity for talking too

much in court has come under official investigation by the

state's judicial authorities.

The Commission on Judicial Performance announced Wednesday

that Judge Joan Comparet-Cassani of the Long Beach Municipal

Court was being investigated for the June 30, 1998, incident in

which she ordered a bailiff to activate the electronic security

belt worn by Ronald Hawkins.

This land is your land,,,,,,, WRONG

Island Officials May Try to Block Militia on Saturday

Emergency Strategy Meeting by Township Held

Echoes from Ruby Ridge and Waco heard

Bois Blanc Island, MI (August 12) - An emergency meeting of the

Bois Blanc Township board was called today to plan a strategy to

deal with the Northern Michigan Regional Militia. Graham Whipple,

Sheriff of Bois Blanc Island attended.

What started as a show of support to a beleagured family may

be taking on a more ominous and frightening spectre. The militia

is determined to stand with Michael and Christine Stitt and their

six children in opposition to a Township Board and the County that

is waging a war of persecution against them. On Saturday,

August 14, the militia will attempt to assemble on the Stitt's

property. Last week, the commander, Norman Olson and chief of

staff, Ray Southwell went to the island to measure the severity

of the problem and the potential for confrontation. Olson said in

a press release Thursday, "I can tell you that this situation is

becoming frightenly like Waco and Ruby Ridge. We have a

family being driven into the ground by a vindictive and hateful

government body. The family is determined to stand their ground.

They have no choice, no where to go, no one to help. The court

and deceitful lawyers have forced this family into a corner. If

they comply and dispose of all their animals and garden, they

place their children at great risk. If they refuse to comply they

will be arrested and jailed for contempt and possibly lose their

children. They've asked me for help. I can't say no. The

battlelines are forming and escalation may result in another

armed standoff...this time with well trained militia defending

a helpless family. I'm deeply troubled that this little matter

might turn into another Waco or Ruby ridge. It starts like that,

you know, and before we can stop it, it takes on its own energy.

In the aftermath, we analyze where the mistakes were made

and we vow to prevent it from happening again. Well, it is

happening and I'm trying to stop it."

The problem has a simple solution, but the township board

refuses to negotiate with Olson who offered to withdraw the

militia if a 1-year variance or waver is granted to the Stitts

to keep their animals and buildings and garden on their 37-acre

property on Bois Blanc Island near Mackinaw. "Is it too much to

ask that a frightened family be given one year to ride out Y2K?

Is it too much to ask that the children be told they can stay and

that mom and dad are not criminals? Is a township board so

insensitive that it cannot understand that people are frightened

about Y2K and the animals and garden are the means of

preparation to survive?"

On Saturday, the militia will go to Bois Blanc Island.

No one knows what to expect between now and October 7,

the deadline imposed by the District Court of Mackinaw County.

Olson said late Thursday night, "I pray that Waco and Ruby

Ridge are far behind us, but I fear that cold unfeeling and

corrupted government bureaucrats are everywhere. First it was

Idaho, then Texas. Let the record show that I have tried to offer

a fair and rational solution. Failing that, the next American

nightmare may come to Michigan.

End Press Release

"The blessings of a free government can only be maintained by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality and virtue, and by frequent recurrence to fundamental principles." Wisconsin Constitution, Article I, Section 22.

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